Michael Skok


This site is simply an eclectic outlet for my passion for living, learning, creating and sharing life, and I hope it brings you some joy and inspiration!

At work, I believe innovation and entrepreneurship are the two key forces most likely to solve the worlds problems, and I’m lucky enough to work on investing in them at _Underscore.VC. But my passion for making a difference extends beyond just my work, and when I’m not investing in founders, I enjoy listening to, learning from and mentoring them.

After 20 years as an entrepreneur myself,  I wanted to find a way to share not just what I wished I’d know when I’d started out to but also to inspire the collective sharing of whatever startup secrets could help any innovator or entrepreneur make a difference. That gave rise to the Startup Secrets program at the Harvard, and you can get access to it right here.
Subsequently I spent 20 years as an investor, and that gave rise to the VC_Pathways program, designed to make VC more accessible to anyone, and you can get access to that here.
If you’re curious you can read the story behind all this in the About page here.
At play, my passions extend to hobbies like reading, writing, music, sport, travel and photography. My own amateur photography is featured on this site and in my instagram feed @mjskok embedded below.
Beneath all this my fundamental passion is for the people I’m lucky enough to meet, learn from, create, build and share my experiences with.
For health reasons I’m on sabbatical, and I hope to find time to write about this experience and discover what will inspire my next 20 years. Here’s my initial post on that – The Truth Is Always Best

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