Michael Skok


I’m lucky enough to work on what I’m passionate about – investing in entrepreneurship and innovation at _Underscore.VC. When I’m not investing in founders, I enjoy listening, learning and mentoring.
After 20 years as an entrepreneur I wanted to share what I wished I’d know when I’d started out. That gave rise to the Startup Secrets program.
Subsequently I’ve spent the last 20 years as an investor, and that gave rise to the VC_Pathways program, designed to make VC more accessible to anyone.
You can get access to these programs and learn more about my background that led to them in the About page here.
However sometimes my passions extend beyond the boundaries of any of this, including hobbies like writing, and photography featured on this site and in my instagram feed @mjskok embedded below. This site is simply an outlet for those expressions.
This coming year 2023, for health reasons I’m taking a sabbatical, and I hope to find time to write about this experience as inspiration for others. Here’s my initial post on that – The Truth Is Always Best

The truth is always best

Jan 1 2023 I’ve had some health challenges which I decided to keep private. But this has been creating stress and challenges for me…

VC_Pathways Sandbox

Things are so much more fun and meaningful when they’re customer or market led. So when the Harvard Business School heard from their first…

Startup Secrets Sandbox

👋 Hello! If you’re here you’re most likely a trailblazer because you’re getting earliest access to Startup Secrets content before it’s generally released! Below…