Startup Secrets Sandbox

👋 Hello!

If you’re here you’re most likely a trailblazer because you’re getting earliest access to Startup Secrets content before it’s generally released!

Below you’ll find the embedded Startup Secrets Sandbox. This is a place where we’ll develop and test new Startup Secrets content before it gets released to our official programs with universities like Harvard and MIT, as well as with partners like TechStars and of course with our own Underscore Core community.

(For example a new piece of content this year is the DEBT framework. It’s best viewed in context, but if you want to jump right to it – go here)

Startup Secrets is a program for YOU the founders, entrepreneurs, and builders who will change our world for the better. It only works if it serves you!

Therefore our goal with this sandbox is to get your early feedback on what’s good, bad, indifferent ( therefore needs cutting out) and what is missing too! So please jump in to the Coda doc, and leave your comments there in context or general comments below.


Thank you!

( If you find it too small embedded on this site, simply click this link to open directly in Coda. )