VC_Pathways Sandbox

Things are so much more fun and meaningful when they’re customer or market led.

So when the Harvard Business School heard from their first year MBA students that they wanted a way to explore and discover more about Venture Capital (VC) they approached me to create a program we’ve called vc_pathways.

You can read more about it in the Coda document below, which is designed as a “sandbox” to test ideas and keep the vc_pathways program market led. Note that this is just a subset of the workbook created for the HBS students and so it is of limited value for those not attending the workshops. But we’re exposing it here to make the content available to a broader audience to meet one of the goals of the series – to attract a more diverse set of VCs.  So at a minimum we hope you’ll enjoy getting early access to the videos of our sessions at Harvard before they’re officially released and also being able  to follow the vc_pathways podcast, again with early and exclusive clips from it, here.

Enjoy! And if you do,  subscribe or comment and tell us how we can make more valuable to you.

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