Learning to Share

As an entrepreneur of 20+ years, turned venture capitalist for the last decade, I’m passionate about investing to accelerate innovation and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Yet the older I get the more I realize I have to learn.  And because one of the best ways to learn is to teach, I am developing classes and workshops such as Startup Secrets for institutions like Harvard, that are shared here.

So my goals on this site are to:  

Provide frameworks like Startup Secrets to empower Entrepreneurs, including Videos, Slideshows and Articles

Bring these to life with an expanding library of real world Case Examples.

Seek out thought leadership in industry areas where I invest such as 

Foster collaboration and sharing of best practice among the terrific entrepreneurs and executives who I'm lucky enough to work with and invest in as well as connect with and support the next generation of founders.

What can you do in return? 

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  3. Give feedback here and throughout the site on whatever other areas you would find useful

I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to collaborating with you to accelerate innovation and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs!

Best, Michael


  • 16 September 2014

    Business of Software


    Below are the slides from my talk at Business of Software today and links to all the resources I've referred to. 


    Back in 2003 I'd developed an investment thesis entitled, "Everything as a Service". Based on this, I was lucky enough to back a great team to start a company called Demandware (NYSE: DWRE). Demandware was the first company to build a best-of-breed SaaS eCommerce  platform -- offering retailers the ability to focus on their core competence of merchandising, not infrastructure and software.
  • 29 August 2014

    Zero to a couple of billion dollars but NOT back again!

    I’m a huge fan of the BoS conference. But when Mark asked me to talk at BOS this year, I had to think carefully. I love software. And his audience is full of great entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs building the next generation of software leaders. This is normally an audience I’m learning from, and supporting as an investor. So we settled on a mix of sharing and mutual learning from a story….
    Back in 2003 I'd developed an investment thesis entitled "Everything as a Service". Based on this I was lucky enough to back a great team to start a company called Demandware.
  • 28 August 2014

    Succesfully Transitioning to SaaS; A Retrospective

    Introduction from Michael Skok
    I'm often asked about what it takes to build a successful SaaS business. And many times it's by people who have legacy businesses, wondering if they can make the transition. It's not for the feint of heart, but it can be done. And one such success story is Qvidian who I asked to share their story below. Lewis summarized it in the post below, but it's really the overview.  I encourage you to ask questions of Lewis in the comments below to learn from it.