Learning to Share

As an entrepreneur of 20+ years, turned venture capitalist for the last decade+, I’m passionate about investing to accelerate innovation and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Yet the older I get the more I realize I have to learn.  And because one of the best ways to learn is to teach, I am developing classes and workshops such as Startup Secrets for institutions like Harvard, that are shared here.

So my goals on this site are to:  

Provide frameworks like Startup Secrets to empower Entrepreneurs, including Videos, Slideshows and Articles

Bring these to life with an expanding library of real world Case Examples.

Seek out thought leadership in industry areas where I invest such as 

Foster collaboration and sharing of best practice among the terrific entrepreneurs and executives who I'm lucky enough to work with and invest in as well as connect with and support the next generation of founders.

What can you do in return? 

  1. Subscribe to the RSS feed anonymously to get updated posts
  2. Sign up for information on new classes and workshops and to let us know who you are  
  3. Give feedback here and throughout the site on whatever other areas you would find useful

I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to collaborating with you to accelerate innovation and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs!

Best, Michael


  • 6 January 2015

    Artists as Entrepreneurs

    I've been fascinated to think about how entrepreneurship applies outside of Tech. And so it was great to go to TEDGlobal this year and get some inspiration. During some great conversatoins that I wrote about here, - TEDGlobal: 10 things I didn't expect to learn, and a question - a renowned and celebrated opera singer, Carla Dirlikov said she'd like to come to a Startup Secrets workshop, I said "yes, but only if you teach me afterward how to relate entrepreneurship to artists".
  • 4 January 2015

    Integrating Vision, Mission and Culture into a Leadership System

    Helping entrepreneurs to share their Vision and Mission and define their Culture is a vital part of my work mentoring, teaching and of course investing. But the hardest part is that this is a "soft" subject! That's to say it's often difficult to quantify or even qualify. Yet we all know it's critical. So in this year's class I was determined to find real world examples of people who'd created the vital linkage to Execution. Enter Mike Duffy, a wonderful guy and a great CEO who has done that in a tough turnaround situation and is doing it again from scratch...
  • 1 January 2015

    Happy New Entrepreneurial Year!

    In a recent tweet @molly_delaney asked if she could "hear more from entrepreneurs!" Yes! Please!   Allow me to introduce some examples and ask for more...

    Learning from the voice of the entrepreneur...I have no job without entrepreneurs.  I respect the voice of entrepreneurs and innovators above all. I know that in my few decades of entrepreneurship that what really mattered was hearing relevant, practical examples and stories of business building from other entrepreneurs, innovators and peers I could relate to.