Thanks giving comes early

Thank You


To the many people I have to thank…
As my news leaked out and finally broke last week in the press, I have been excited to connect with many people who have reached out. But it’s clear I won’t be able to take time with everyone soon enough to share at least one simple message as I look forward to the future… Thank you!

And in my case I need to say it many times, so thank you to:

  1. Entrepreneurs and founders for the chance to invest in you, and back you, but most of all to learn from you. I hope I can return the favor by sharing all your great experience, knowlege and skills with the next generation of great entrepreneurs. May we all reap the the benefit of mutual mentorship.
  2. Innovators for being bold enough to stand up and change the world for the better, and inspiring me to also keep the courage of my convictions.
  3. Executives and teams of my portfolio companies, for proving over and over again that no matter what we all envision when we invest, it’s your hard work and persistent execution that delivers.
  4. LPs for placing the trust to invest with you. And North Bridge and my co-investors for the opportunity to learn how to think like an investor in deploying capital wisely.
  5. All the service providers who complement, extend and often multiply the value we deliver. For example, I appreciate all the legal, accounting, banking, and other support you have given. Know that I see myself as a service provider to the entrepreneurs too. And so I value and respect how you enable us to focus on the core of our investing job. And the core of my job is people and team building. So a particular thanks to the search firms who extend my own network and help source talent so we can build the best teams around the innovators and entrepeneurs.
  6. The students and teachers who have listened to my heartfelt desire to learn to teach. I really appreciate you engaging and joining with me on my journey! As I’ve said to many of you, I’m humbled by the reality that the older I get the more I realize I have to learn. And, learning to teach is a great part of that.
  7. The social media followers for teaching me the value of broader connection. There was no social media when I first started in VC, and I must admit to preferring one-on-one interactions. But I’ve learned the importance of accessibility and approachability even if I have to accept the reality of never being able to respond to all the inbound communication! Energetic as I am, there are still only 24 hours in my day and I can’t ever make enough time to be as available as people request, but I appreciate the connection and value the feedback.

Anyone I missed – please remind me – there’s always room for more humility and appreciation. In the meantime here’s to your future!

Thank you!

And here’s to you and your families for the real upcoming Thanksgiving!
Best, Michael.