I can’t even GIVE AWAY my best shot! Or can I ?

I recently posted 2 shots of the same scene on Instagram / FB to garner some feedback. Read the Instagram post below to see why, and view the two photos.

Neither were my best shots but it was so great to get the engagement on what people saw in the photographs. See Instagram comments from the link above and many others here on Facebook.

So now as a thank you for that engagement, I want to give away my personal favorite shot from this trip. So which was it?

The hero shot above.

To me this picture tells a story of Deadvlei, as I experienced it. It tries to capture in one photograph both the light, the colors, the scene, the scale and enough composition to keep the viewer engaged throughout the frame. You can read more about it here Deadvlei and see some other images that tell more of the story.

Now, if you actually like it enough, feel free to download it here.

(If it’s not high enough resolution for you, just leave a comments below of what resolution you’d like and for what purpose and so long as it’s not commercial use I’ll be happy to send you a higher resolution version.)

Above all, the joy of photography is often not in the actual photographs but in the moment, experiencing the scene. And if I try to capture it, it’s really for a combination of my own memories and the joy of sharing that experience with others. But as I said in this post Where photographs and even videos can’t even capture the experience, sometimes it’s it’s just fun to share the thinking and enjoy engaging with people like you.

Thanks for reading this and please share your own photographic experiences!