Hubspot’s Elias Torres on Open Source Consumption & Production: “Get over your fear”


In this interview Elias, an Open Source user for a decade, talks about how Hubspot is both a consumer and producer of of open source.

As a consumer he shares how his entire stack is built on OSS, including

  • Linux
  • Java, Javascript, Coffee Script
  • Hadoop

As producer and contributor to Open Source, Elias discusses how important it has been to recruiting and building his team, where his developers want to part of the innovation going on at the front end with projects like…

  • Grunt
  • Backbone
  • Handle

…and where he feels there will be most innovation in the coming year as web application development takes off with projects like ember and angular.

He advises those unfamiliar with OSS to “get over their fear” and jump in, but not to expect to find full on solutions, and be prepared to get invest in contributing to projects to shape them as needed.