Giving Thanks to Entrepreneurs

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s not about the presents, it’s about people’s presence. 

In that spirit, I’ve shared a post to give thanks to the bold, brave entrepreneurs who dare to change our world for the better.  The full post is on our site hereGiving Thanks to Entrepreneurs

 I’d welcome your feedback on it in the comments as an opportunity to learn more about what are the key traits that make for great entrepreneurs. 

For those of you who don’t want to read the full post, here are some quotes from the piece:

It takes many kinds of entrepreneurial qualities to solve problems, realize opportunities and create lasting impact.

“Your courage builds until you dare to risk your life, often both professional and personal, to go after your vision.”

“You are decisive and fast moving in the face of adversity, choosing to present a moving target not a sitting duck.”

“You sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff when you’re tiny), so that your foundational elements such as culture can be strong for a bigger future.”

And here are just a few of the many traits we offered in the full article that make us want to underscore entrepreneurs

  • Daring enough to not just expect the unexpected but hope for it in search of a breakthrough
  • Inspiring enough to help others find potential, they never saw, passion they never felt and abilities they never tapped, for success they never fathomed.
  • Resilient enough to celebrate failure for what it really is, a learning opportunity
  • Passionate enough to pursue purpose over position, impact over income

We shared many others, but are also really excited to learn from other entrepreneurs beyond our _Core community about what they feel are key traits of great entrepreneurs. We’ve already had some great feedback, including:-

“I think “Observer” is one quality you have missed. It needs that critical analysis of a current system in unique perspective.”

“I would perhaps call out Empathy as a trait. We’ve found it critical to have strong empathy and sensitivity to the needs of our community, clients, and partners.”

Adaptability seems key to me, as so many businesses like Slack for example end up a long way from where they originally started.”

This is a lifelong quest for me personally, to understand and learn from the best entrepreneurs and to share back for all to benefit. Please join me in that quest and share the full article with others who we could learn from or who could benefit.

Thank you for your support and  Happy Thanksgiving!