Context in photography

Sometimes sharing a single photograph on Instagram leaves the story untold. One needs context of where the photo was taken and in what circumstances, to reveal the story.

Below are 3 photographs from a random walk when wandering off the road, looking to explore nature.

The first image sets some context of the messy surroundings…

As I got closer and removed the distractions, it became more and more intriguing…

This is the image I chose for Instagram as the simplest form of the scene that had enough elements to hold my attention as a single photograph.

Yet I could see that getting closer might show detail to enjoy separately, and so this is my final image.

The real story is richer still. I was actually talking to my daughter on this walk and we were talking about our mutual love of photography. I shared with her how we can find photographs everywhere if we look carefully enough, and that is why I wandered off the road to explore this scene.

My ultimate joy here was not the photographs, but talking to my daughter on the walk and sharing this whole experience with her.