TED 2015 Vancouver to Whistler

The Pacific Northwest is such a stunning place to visit that I came in to TED over the weekend to take a relatively leisurely day’s drive up from Vancouver to Whistler. Here are some of the photos and highlights from the trip.

Granville Island was fun to visit, and despite being very obviously touristy, provided some wonderful textures to photograph. It’s also a great place to get a view of the city. If you explore around, don’t miss the homes on the water or the cement factory and seeing their brightly colored towers and trucks.

Walking through Stanley Park brought some fond memories of a family trip years before. I particularly enjoyed exploring the detailed wood carving from the totem pole at Brockton Point.

On the Sea to Sky highway, there were many fun vistas but few places to stop, sadly. I found one and snuck quickly down to the shore to catch a few shots of the amazing lumber lying around on the shore.

Nearer Whistler, I stumbled across Shannon Falls and would highly recommend them to anyone traveling that route. They are just a few minutes off the highway and quite stunning.