Streets of San Francisco

… sometimes it pays to walk back from a meeting

On a recent trip to San Fransisco, after my last meeting I decided to walk back to my hotel. I’m so glad I did, because three subjects caught my attention.

The Transamerica Pyramid

This is a building that always fascinates me. I decided to walk around and capture it from a few different perspectives as you’ll see below. I loved that even the Topiary is cut into the shape of the pyramid!

The Chinese Community at play

The intensity of the card games and mahjongg were such that they just drew me in. You can understand why this is a deep seated culture when you see the grandparents with their grandchildren in tow.


I didn’t get much time to really spend there, so I just captured a few streets, some signs and people.

I’m going to make a point of walking more as part of my work and getting out of my comfort zone to do more street photography.