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2014 Open Source Continues to Eat the Software World –  Creates a Virtuous Cycle As It Proliferates and As New Communities Are Formed

Well over a decade ago, in my operating career, Open Source presented itself as a solution to a critical development deadline for one of my engineering teams. I was inspired. Little did I know how this would evolve.  As I entered the world of Venture Capital, I was determined to support Open Source Software development by seeking out and investing in the best and brightest people behind it.

As I began that work, I quickly found a deep gulf between those who were driving the OSS movement and those attempting to learn from and work with it.  The quest to understand and close this gap drove me to work with the industry and create among other things a survey that is now in its 8th year and inspired me to launch this program – originally called the Great Open Source Debate.   I can honestly say that the debate has ended. 
In 2014, we saw a huge leap in interest from the number of collaborators – which grew to over 50 and the number or respondents – 1,240.    The survey itself revealed an important corollary trend – the growth of all the critical  components that take Open Source into its next level of growth – People, Applications, Services,  Specialization, and adoption by industries that take us into the social fabric of everyday life,  education (76 percent), government (67 percent), and health care (45 percent).  We encourage you view the presentation and view the webinar to hear more about this exciting story of the Virtuous Cycle.
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2013 Future of Open Source Survey Results
by Mårten Mickos CEO of Eucalyptus. Formerly CEO of MySQL
Written by Tom Erickson - CEO of Acquia
Written by Tim Yeaton - President and CEO of Black Duck Software
Written by Lew Moorman, President, Rackspace
Featured in The Raconteur of the London Times
Open Source and CoCreation as game changers
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