5 Things CIOs and VCs Can Learn From Each Other


From CIO Magazine
Lauren Brousell of CIO Magazine posted an excellent article last week following the CxOTalk. We explored an interesting topic: the technology implementation intersection between VCs and CIO’s. CIO magazine offered five points from our video and a good summary of our discussion points.

CIOs and venture capitalists (VCs) sit at different ends of the technology implementation spectrum: VCs are the initial investors and vendor catalysts. CIOs are the buyers when a technology or concept becomes productized. The two groups often come together, however, to discuss possible deals, explore technology trends and seek each other’s expertise.

One of those exchanges took place at the CIO Perspectives Boston event last week when Michael Skok, then partner at North Bridge Venture Partners, and Brook Colangelo, executive vice president and CTO at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, connected for CXO Talk.

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