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Photography is a real passion. I think visually, yet I can't draw or paint to save my life. So I capture instead. And somehow it scratches my creative itch as well as my pension for technology, especially as the world goes digital. I love exploring the potential of both the limitless subjects around us from macro to micro and know that I’ll never fully plumb the depths of image processing or master the opportunity for multi media.

Speaking of multimedia, as video became so accessible that too has become a passion and I love to put the two together, as for example below in the story of Demandware’s public offering.

So thanks to a lot of encouragement from people who have viewed my background photos on this site, I'm taking the hint and posting more of my photos to share my amateur hobby in the hope I'll learn from the critique. Faith (Sawyer-Tindle), thanks for your comment and "hunger" to see more - I'm sorry it took me months to respond to your suggestion!

Finally, when I get a chance to get photographs of our events, I will also post them here.

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