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Getting Behind the Perfect Investor Pitch


As an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, I’ve experienced both sides of creating businesses and raising money. I spent 20 years as a CEO building companies and pitching to raise over $100 million. Since 2002, I’ve worked as a VC and seen thousands of pitches from entrepreneurs, and been lucky enough to select and invest in a few that have gone on to build over a $1Bn in value.

With these experiences in mind, I’ve written this insider's checklist to help you get behind the pitch and understand what we're looking for as VCs and what you might want to consider for your own pitch.
In the Startup Secrets presentation I walk through a standard pitch and selectively drill down into certain areas of the underlying plan that are often lacking in the thousands of pitches I’ve witnessed firsthand at North Bridge.


Do you have something that stands out?
LinkedIn, May 21, 2013, Michael J. Skok
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