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Raising Money from Seed to Exit

As the funding landscape continuously evolves, there are many different avenues an entrepreneur can take to secure capital for their startup. These include typical equity sources, such as angel funding, seed investments, accelerator programs and venture capital infusion, while other avenues include bootstrap funding, grants, crowdfunding and leveraging resources from friends and family. And for some, the question remains: should you even raise money?

Below you will find resources that walk you through the different considerations you need to make as an entrepreneur evaluating funding needs. In addition to the Funding Strategies framework, you will also benefit from insight offered by funding experts from CommonAngels, seed2A and TechStars. Further Steve Papa, founder of Endeca (acquired by Oracle in 2011 for $1.1 billion), discusses his path to securing the funding that helped make the company a success.

Whether you are seeking funding for a non-profit or establishing a new tech venture, this section is designed to help you determine the right approach for your particular situation.


Raising Money from Seed to Exit
Case Study – Givology

Case Examples

Case Study – Givology


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