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Case Examples

Just Do it – Right from the Start!
Company Formation - Case - Salsify
Founders and the hired CEO
Teaming to win featuring Don Bulens
Company Formation - Culture - Acquisition
Symantec acquiring Peter Norton Computing


Scaling Your Startup
The Deliberator’s Dozen
How I Hire: I Don't! Just Attract a Mutual Fit
LinkedIn, September 24, 2013, Michael J. Skok
As A Budding Entrepreneur, Where Do You Start?
Forbes, May 21, 2013, Michael Skok, Contributor
How Amazon Turned A Problem Into A $bn Opportunity
Problem Solving, featuring Andy Jassy, SVP, Amazon Web Services
How I Hire: Passives - Aggressively!
LinkedIn, September 24, 2013, Michael J. Skok
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