Startup Secrets: Wrap Up & Geoffrey Moore

An Insider’s Guide

Michael Skok, general partner at North Bridge Venture Partners, and Geoffrey Moore, renowned authorOn May 17, I hosted the final part of my six-part “Startup Secrets” workshop series at the Harvard Innovation Lab (iLab). Presenting to a full house, renowned author, Geoffrey Moore, and I took a closer look into gaining an unfair competitive advantage as an entrepreneur. The event commenced with a Audience close uprecap of observations and learning from the previous five workshops, followed by insights from Geoffrey Moore into the secrets of entrepreneurship and business building, including a preview of Geoffrey’s latest book, Escape Velocity. The lecture concluded with a book-signing, lunch and networking with fellow entrepreneurs.

The following presentation includes key slides and exciting video clips from Case Study entrepreneurs and their companies as well as students who participated in the pitch sessions concluding with the inspiring words of Geoffrey Moore.



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