Go To Market - Case - Demandware Rebranding

While we looked at initial branding for startups here, in this case study we discuss a more mature example with Demandware, a company that is now past its IPO and was looking to rebrand to extend its leadership and position the company for continued growth. Even though this is a case of a larger, later-stage growth company, it’s also instructive for startups to help them think about how their brand might evolve. In Demandware’s case, the brand had not changed much over several years and during this time, as a board member, it was gratifying to see how the initial branding had successfully held up.*

In the video below, Demandware's SVP of Marketing Jamus Driscoll shares the process of rebranding the company after its IPO.  Jamus discusses the challenge of moving from a technology and features approach -- something that many startups lead with -- to a more mature brand promise, aligned with and delivering rewards to customers.

Jamus also shares Demandware’s approach to positioning the company for leadership in a manner consistent with the unique business model of the company - shared success.  

And finally, Jamus shares the 4 pillars of the brand promise that were finally reached and shows examples of the final rebranding work that the company rolled out in the marketplace in February.   

* Funny enough, it was due to great work done by the founders and with Adam Berrey, who is featured in our case example here, covering the basics of branding for startups. Proof that done right, a startup’s brand can last for years.

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