Gigaom Structure Conference 2013

Interviews by Michael Skok at Gigaom Structure 2013

David Card- VP Research, Gigaom

  • David Card shares his views on the 2013 Future of Cloud Computing survey, focusing primarily on the perceptions of mainstream IT Buyers and the drivers and inhibitors to adoption.  He compares some of the broader hesitance to cloud solutions to the security concerns that first plagued online buying when the Internet started booming as a shopping destination. He also calls out the survey results around the challenges and opportunities around TCO cost/benefits, and complexity of IT in the Cloud.

Muddu Sudhakar- CMO, Go Pivotal 

  • Muddu Sudhakar discusses his thoughts on the Future of Cloud Computing survey. He focuses on the evolution of cloud computing and the uptick in deployments of IaaS solutions and PaaS solutions. He also talks about why data analytics are not likely to move from the cloud once they are generated there.

Gaurav Dhillon- Chairman and CEO SnapLogic

  • Gaurav Dhillon discusses data integration and cloud computing. He talks about the underrated complexity of integrating with cloud systems with legacy systems, how the explosion of data apps has shifted the complexity more horizontally rather than solving the issue entirely, and how SnapLogic is attempting to tackle this complexity. He also discusses the evolution of applications “born in the Cloud” as a key trend going forward.

Dave Husak- CEO and founder, Plexxi

  • Dave Husak discusses the growth of cloud computing, as seen in the Future of Cloud Computing survey, and how Plexxi is doing its part to enable that growth. He specifically talks about what is now possible but wasn’t before, and how Plexxi’s Affinity technology is uniquely positioned to accelerate the transition from traditional network solutions to cloud computing. He also discusses some of the challenges facing this transition, and what is being done to address those challenges.

Duke Skarda- CTO Softlayer

  • Duke Skarda talks about Softlayer’s recent acquisition by IBM and how it will be impacting its operations going forward. He talks about the differences between the Virtual Public cloud and the Bare Metal Public cloud, how Softlayer is able to provide consistent infrastructure across the two, and the level of customization they offer customers. He also discusses why bringing these capabilities to IBM has filled a void that existed before Softlayer was brought into the fold, and what he thinks the future holds for hybrid cloud systems.

John Engates: CTO, Rackspace

  • John Engates talks about the market shift towards hybrid cloud systems and why it’s emerging as the go to choice. He talks about the customization and cost advantages that hybrid clouds hold for customers, as well as the ongoing complexity issues, such as interoperability, what Rackspace is doing to reduce these issues, and its involvement with OpenStack.

Rodney Rogers:  Chairman and CEO, Virtustream

  • Rodney Rogers talks about his impressions of the survey this year and how the results echo what’s happening in the market in terms of buying patterns among the Fortune 500. He specifically talks about how cloud computing technology is helping make business more agile, and calls out impact on M&A transitions as a use case.  He also discusses views around cloud computing security becoming far more nuanced and how cost has become less of an initial factor than it used to be, though still ever-present as a secondary factor. 

JR Storment: Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, Cloudability

  • JR Storment talks about the challenges cloud vendors face as they develop infrastructures for customers and try to avoid unnecessary costs/inefficiencies. He also talks about the advantages of more granular tagging associated with cloud computing, and how companies are able to track costs more efficiently now so that they are able to reduce waste and make sure their resources are going exclusively to activities related to driving business growth.

Jason Hoffman, CTO, Joyent

Jason Hoffman, one of the “fathers of Cloud” discusses the challenges and opportunities involved in scaling an IaaS business; how to stay competitive in a complex cloud landscape, and managing through the hardware supply chain.  Michael probes the key problems solved by Joyent’s technology and its long-term strategy. 

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