Feedback & Comments

Feedback on this site, the resources and specific initiatives is warmly welcomed.  Please either provide it as comments on each section or resource at the bottom where there are always comment boxes, or if you prefer, in the comments below here.

I should say thank you for the overwhelming email thanks and support too - it's much appreciated. And to the extent that many people have contributed to the site and to the initiatives such as Startup Secrets presenters and case examples or collborators in the Future of Cloud Computing, please do leave feedback at the bottom of those specific resources or posts for them to appreciate.

Suggestions and CoCreation

I am specifically looking for suggestions for the evolving curriculum for Startup Secrets. If you have a need as an entrepreneur or innovator that you believe would be valuable to develop materials to share with others in the startup world, please feel free to suggest it as a future topic for a workshop or case study by leaving a note below.

I am also a big believer in Open Source, Community and other innovative approaches to development. Accordingly this site is also being CoCreated by many people contributing. If you'd like to contribute content such as case examples, feel free to suggest what you'd like to contribute below.

Thanks to John Werner for his contributions and suggesting we create this feedback forum.

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